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Joyce Brown

About Joyce


I am a fibre artist with a passion for learning new techniques and utilizing them in my art.  Art quilts and landscape quilts have allowed me to use mixed media to design wall hangings, which reflect my joy of life.

The opportunity to travel the world has enabled me to integrate the culture and heritage of different nationalities into my work.  My inspiration comes from places and things I’ve seen.  Kenya batiks, silk paintings of India, beading of Cree Indians in northern Alberta, and views of fields and mountains from my windows all provide me with a plethora of ideas. The wonder of colours, textures, and designs in the landscapes and art of the world truly motivates me.

My use of surface design techniques such as painting, dyeing, stamping, and resists allow me to create fabric that is unique for each piece of art. Embellishing with stitching, beading, foiling, or whatever else catches my fancy finish the pieces.

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