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Wendy Klotz

About Wendy

Wendy Klotz 2022.jpg

I am a fibre artist working primarily with natural fibres. I enjoy exploring each fibre's unique characteristics, such as silk organza's translucence, silk's richness, cotton's versatility, and wool's endless capacity for sculpture and dimension. I try to create depth with layers of fabric, hand and machine stitching, and with physical separation between the layers. I am currently experimenting with incorporating  a more sculptural element into my work.

I use fibre and thread to convey my ideas because of their adaptability and the infinite range of colours and textures that can be created and enhanced with the use of dyes and pigments.

My combined backgrounds in quilting, embroidery and pottery have given me information to draw on; however I continue to experiment with new techniques and elements that excite and push me into new directions, while continuing to search for and reflect my unique voice.

My inspiration comes from experiencing the wild beauty of Canada's natural places, together with ecological and social issues that speak to my heart.

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